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 In The Mix - DJ 7 January 2012

Saturday January 28, 2012
Bring The Bass Events presents
*Lady Bass’s Birthday Event!*

What else is there to do in January besides party? And with it also being Lady Bass’s birthday, we can all
celebrate together and beat those winter blues Bass style! Dancing will keep you warm! So will a few bevies! …

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 In The Mix - DJ 26 November 2011

Tonight is the night! Looking forward to it! 🙂
We have a special announcement – the alcohol sponsor for tonight is…
The Kraken Rum! There will be a rum sampling booth for all to enjoy.

Here are the timeslots!
Room 1
10-11 Lady Bass
11-12 Cynex & Destructo
12-1 Mark Grimace
1-2 DJ Flyboy
2-3 Ken Finch & Mz.DeMeaner
Room …

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 In The Mix - DJ 26 November 2011

Saturday November 26, Bring The Bass Events presents
Black & White
The Movember Party

As the month of November comes to a close, come out and celebrate those that have grown the hair beneath their nose. For the cause that is Movember, we will celebrate and remember. So bring your friends and come …

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 In The Mix - DJ,Radio & Podcasts 16 January 2010

There won’t be a Saturday Sessions today because we will be broadcasting live to air tonight from Selected By You!
Here are the timeslots:
Room 1
10-11 – LeFreak
11-12 – Ken Finch & Mz. DeMeaner
12-1 – Mike Conradi
1-2 – Lady Bass
2-3 – Saiyan
Room 2
10-11 – Hugs Not Drugs
11-12 – DJ Xphox
12-1 – Elixir …