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 In The Mix - DJ 7 January 2012

Saturday January 28, 2012
Bring The Bass Events presents
*Lady Bass’s Birthday Event!*

What else is there to do in January besides party? And with it also being Lady Bass’s birthday, we can all
celebrate together and beat those winter blues Bass style! Dancing will keep you warm! So will a few bevies! …

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Today on Bring The Bass radio with Lady Bass from 5-7PM EST on Party 934 Radio (Official) – In celebration of Bring The Bass presents PINK I’ll be featuring a set from Box-Yo DJ from 5-6PM followed by a mix from Andy Farley from 6-7PM. Tune in live at …

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 In The Mix - DJ 22 April 2011

TIMESLOTS are announced for Bring The Bass presents GREEN!
Room 1 – CHILLS DJs vs the Canadian Hardcore Collective (CHC)
10-11 – The Buzz
11-12 – Unit 42
12-1 – DJ Viper vs Dubcomm
1-2 – Marty McFly vs DJ Opel
2-3 – Lady Bass vs Mz DeMeaner
Room 2 –
10-11 Le Freak
11-12 Bacchus
12-1 Zac & …

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 In The Mix - DJ 24 August 2010

Tonight I’m playing at the CHC Talent Derby 2. What’s that you ask?
Here is all the info:
Tuesday, August 24th – 7pm!
The Canadian Hardcore Collective and are teaming up again to give you 2 hours of live streaming video and beats!
DJ Opel
DJ Fuzzboy
Lady Bass
So remember!
Go to at around 7pm …

Post Thumbnail of Today on Saturday Sessions - Takeover!

With an hour to go until the radio show it looks like DAHA is the winner – but this one was so close that I think I’ll play BOTH mixes and make this a true TR Takeover!
So the show will go:
5-6 PM – Melody Minx
6-7 PM – DAHA
you can listen …

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