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Saturday Sessions – Torontoraves.com Takeover – Saturday!

Since there have now been 2 mixes submitted for this month’sĀ  Torontoraves.com Takeover – I’ll play both! šŸ™‚ It will be a true Torontoraves.com Takeover!

So the show will go:
5-6pm – DJ Ghaleon – TreeHaus – FunkyDeepTechHouse
6-7pm – astedradj – Trance X

You can tune in live on Saturday November 6, 2010 from 5-7pm EST at 94.9FM in Hudson Valley, New York or online at http://party934.com or you can download the show as a podcast after the show.

DJs, fans and supporters of Torontoraves.com and the underground music community in general – don’t forget to invite your friends to listen and tune in live, as well as subscribe to the podcast. Without your support this show wouldn’t exist – thank you! xo

Lady Bass

Saturday Sessions – Torontoraves.com Takeover

It looks like we have a tie! So today’s radio show will feature 2 mixes.

5-6pm EST – Sigma
6-7pm EST – astedradj House & Techno mix

Enjoy and you can listen live online at http://party934.com and 94.9FM in Hudson Valley, NY.

You can also download the show as a podcast.

Saturday Sessions Radio – Today

Today on Saturday Sessions we have a special guest DJ stopping by for a return visit! Wow – twice in a row – Ken Finch!

The show will go:

5-6PM ā€“ Lady Bass ā€“ Something special up her sleeve
6-7PM ā€“ Ken Finch ā€“ Bringing his own secret surprises

Tune in live on Party934.com and 94.9FM in Hudson Valley New York or download the archive as a podcast after the show.


Today on Torontoraves.com Takeover – Saturday Sessions

The winner for this month’s mix is Andrew Stedra – August 2 2010 – AstedraDJ mix.

So the show will go:
5-6 PM EST – Lady Bass
6-7 PM EST – Andrew Stedra – August 2 2010 – AstedraDJ mix <— Torontoraves.com Takeover winner!

You can listen live at http://party934.com as well as on 94.9 FM in Hudson Valley, New York. You can also download it as a podcast after the show.