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Lady Bass Interview & Exclusive Mix

If you have ever attended any rave in Toronto for the past 10 years, the name Lady Bass is surely to ring a bell. Not only because her skills have landed her name on countless flyers, websites and posters, but because she is an amazing person! Having been in the electronic music scene for nearly two decades, holding several rave and club residencies, she has headlined several events through out Canada and the US, including hosting her own online radio show on Club246 for over 5 years!.

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1) New Religion – Tecknical

2) Ignition – Tecknical

3) Set U Free – Jason Cortez

4) Return To Innocence – Tecknical

5) Hold On – Paul Glazby

6) World In Chaos – Iridium

7) Strings For Yasmin – Tidy DJs

8 ) Cinematic – Paul Maddox & Rodi Style

9) Silent Takedown – Crazy Dirty Records

10) Bad B3havior- Unknown

11) Shadows – BK

12) Fire In The Sky – The Punisher / Toryn D

13) Raindrops – Rodi Style Mix

14) Promiseland – L-E-VS

Upcoming Interviews & Mixes

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Guyver – Mar 6th

James Lawson – Mar 20th

Ilogik – April 3rd

Paul Glazby – April 17th

P.A.S – May 1st

Mr Clarke – May 15th

More to come!

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